Enei @ Electroruga de Buzad

Sunday | 12 PM-1:30 AM


DnB.ro: Can’t wait to see you at Electroruga in September! So tell us a bit about what you are doing at the moment.

E: My next EP is finished and coming out in the middle of autumn. I also working on another solo EP and collaboration EP with Kasra. Also doing lots of new music with other producers.

How did you start producing music?

It was in 2003 when my friend showed me some old jump up mixes from Aphrodite. An then I started making my own very simple beats in FL Studio. Then I bought my very first turntables and started to mix.

Are there any artists who influence you?

Yes, its was a big influence from Photek, Ed Rush & Optical, Konflict back in the days as I prefered more tech style drum&bass. So still doing it and loving it :) Now I have a big inspiration from lots of artist because d&b is very diverse now. For example artists such as Alix Perez very inspires me, but I keep trying to transform every influence into my own thing.

Do you listen to other genres of music outside the world of Enei?

Yes of course, I really like all kinds of music. Especially now I’m more into cinematic music! Also my biggest inspiration was a combination of alternative rock and funk music.

Do you prefer collaborating with someone or working on your own?

As I now working together with Kasra most of the time I really enjoy working with him, his ideas is great and the way how we can wrap it up makes me really happy!

Who has been the hardest person to collaborate with?

I’m really easy to deal with everyone as I’m very light person (I hope :)) so it’s very enjoyable to work with anyone for me!

How do you feel about the way the drum&bass scene has progressed and how do you think everything’s going?

I think the worst thing is that lots of new producers not bringing their own style to the music and they just copying other successful artists. It’s sad because they not developing the genre at all. But I think it’s getting better and better now as people bored, so now I like to listen new promos every week compare to last few years for example! The scene is reviving!

Who’s your favourite producer?

I would say that my few favourite producers of all time is Commix, Konflict, Photek.

If you were to recommend a drum and bass album, which would that be?

Is not all drum&bass but I would suggest Photek – Solaris and Photek – Modus Operandi, I think it’s a great example of how futurethinking music should sound because it is still sounds so fresh and inspiring.

DrumAndBass.ro supports local artist at the beginning of their career. Any tips and tricks for them?

I would say if you are new producer never copy the style of others, do your own thing, try to make it as mad as you can and always finish your tunes! :)

What can we expect in the future from you?

Lots of new music! :)