With the craze of Snuff 5 building up all around, I managed to get in touch with Crawler and stole a few of his moments to do a little interview and he was really excited to share a few things with our community.

1. How did it all start for you as a DJ and producer?
I started DJing when I was 16 years old and started writing music as Crawler in 2011.

2. What are your early influences and inspirations?
My biggest influences since ever are Current Value, Counterstrike, Donny, SPL, Limewax, The Outside Agency and Switch Technique.

3. What was one event that had an impact on you, career wise?
I can tell that only one event had a big influence but the Therapy Sessions and Lifted Sessions were the events that created a huge impact in my life and on my will to write DNB.

4. What is one thing that you love and one that you hate regarding the current drum and bass scene, especially the darker side of it?
Nowadays, I’m getting a lot of inspiration from the releases of Eatbrain, Blackout and Othercide Rec. The only thing that I just can’t ear is jump-up, because of the saturated and looped mid range on the tracks, that just turns them overly happy.

5. Given that you’ll be playing in Romania for the first time in December, what expectations do you have from the crowd?
From what I’ve seen in photos, I bet it will be completely crazy.

6. What was your first thought when you received the invitation to play here?
I was amazed by it, it was completely unexpected, but I got excited really quickly.

7. Timisoara likes it rough, what should we expect from your set at Snuff 5?
One thing I can assure you, I’m taking my hardest tunes and I’ll mix it in ways you aren’t expecting.

8. Are you planning any new releases and collaborations in the near future?
Yes, I have a collaboration coming out on Bankizz (TBA) and I’m finishing some new neurofunk influenced, hard drum and bass tunes.

9. What would be your message for the Romanian crowd?
“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

We can’t wait until 17th of December to hear Crawler, Malpraxyz and our own beloved DJs: Boogeyman, Deelow, Noxious, Loopkian and Afflikt. You should all prepared for a rough night and that’s ‘nuff said! ;)