HARTY PARD TM presents CODEX (Metnem)

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    Date(s) - 26/05/2017
    All Day

    Liceul Silvic Timisoara


    As we promised, we are going to Harty Pard this spring and summer starting with this big party for our Dj Razy’s celebration of his 23th birthday with a very special guest CODEX ( phase | toxic | kastiljas mc ) owner of Metnem Label.

    Line up :

    ★ ★ ★ CODEX ★ ★ ★
    ( Metnem \ Sinuous Records \ Full Force recordings )

    In 1995 Belegrade audience had the chance to experience “The Prodigy” perform live for the first time. The energy that the band was spreading became an important foundation for development of clubbing culture. So its not strange for majority of clubbers, producers and DJs to mark that event as a starting point in both development of themselves as well as the culture they represent.
    That same 1995. was the year Ranko ‘Phase’ Maric and Djordje ‘Tox’ Milasinovic got interested in Drum ‘n’ Bass music resulting in future joint career as an entity known as Codex.
    During the 1999 their exchange of fresh DNB tracks culminated with presenting their own music to the audience.

    Today, 17. years later, name Codex is a synonim for epic parties, greasy beats and bass that bends reality itself. They shared the stage with the greatest DJ’s this planet had to offer while their releases allowed them cooperation with musicians outside DNB genre.
    Energy output released by Codex sound has spread throught the furthest reaches of Earth and beyond the furthest reaches of the galaxy, thus allowing for insane colabs to come into existance.

    Year 2011. marks the summary of achievements and through revitalisation of brand parties such as “Grime ‘n’ Bass”, “Drum Motion” and “Stylez” gathered all generations of DNB uniting them for future epic events.
    EVOLUTION series of DNB events holds the longest tradition in Belgrade DNB clubbing, it represents crowning achievement of collaboration bringing most famous DNB names to Belgrade.

    Recently the duo decides on a new quest. Launchin their own label ‘METNEM’ reserved only for most initimate sounds hidden within DNB genre, featuring not only Codex tracks but colaborations with some of the most interesting musicians in the galaxy as well.

    METNEM is International music collective originating from Serbia and stretching far beyond the reach of universe. They recently decided to open the vaults and let the public in on their own kind of music.
    Metnem is how they communicate with those who can hear them. It’s a bridge that allows you to cross over there.
    Guys behind the Metnem label are Codex, Billain & Hermetic.
    All members are known for uncompromising promotion of drum’n’bass culture, making sure that Metnem is recognised as a fresh good source for mind bending music.
    Metnem family is growing every day, current active members are Billain, War, Codex, Delikt, Vrh, Bohemian, Senzzor others are to be announced.


    ★ ★ ★ Volume Plus ★ ★ ★
    ( Drumbassterds.cz Crew \ Let It Roll )

    Matthew aka Dj Volume Plus has to drumandbassu close to for a long time already. For several years he leaves missed a larger party, where as a rule propaří all night. This passion grew over time in the idea to start playing and so buys gramce in 2009, mix and a few boards. Playing and practicing it spends almost all free time.
    In May 2010, based Drumbassterds crew and begins to play regularly in small clubs. In training does not go away, the bag still infuses new vinyls, adds a third turntable and with it come faster mixes as well as menu play in the renowned Prague clubs such as Storm (the former Matrix) and Cross.
    In February 2012, makes the next step and his crew starts to hold a regular club night in Prague Club DrumBox, Matrix. In the year of the poll Czech Dnb Awards placed 3rd place in the category Talent of the year and in February 2013, he fulfils a dream, at the largest Czech dnb action Let it Roll. Changes over time the third turntable in two cd players, but after a while just change completely to digital, in the form of four cd playerů and his mixes again move a step further. To organizing the event DrumBox adds even action, Double Trouble, which is regularly held in the Prague Club Cross.
    In April 2014 wins the Drumbassterds crew in 7 year Czech Dnb Awards twice 1 category in the Crew of the year and Club night of the year (Double Trouble) and Matthew gives 4. place in the category Dj of the year.
    In March 2015, wins the Drumbassterds crew in the 8th year of Czech Dnb Awards twice 1 category in the Crew of the year and Club night of the year (Double Trouble) and Matthew adds to # 2 in the category Dj of the year. It comes up Let it Roll with nábídkou add to their room and enthusiastically takes and becomes as Drumbassterds, so i Let it Roll DJ. In 6 years of DJing, he played alongside the Czech as the tip, so alongside foreign names such as: Sub Focus (UK), and s. C (UK), Sigma (UK), Tantrum Desire (UK), Sparfunk (UK), Mindscape (HU), Levela (UK), Zero-Method (HU) Kg (UK), B-Complex (SK) and many more …
    His sets include frequent double drops, long mixes and inset with third and fourth channel, so the tracks just spilling out! You can always enjoy the creative set, full bass, vocals and melodies, made in such a way that they will never want to stop playing.


    ★ ★ ★ HOUBASS ★ ★ ★
    (Drumbassterds.cz Crew)

    DJ and producer from Munich Hradiste, based in Prague. When he decided what to do next in his youth, drum & bass was a clear choice for him. After several years of party casting, he did not survive and in 2012 he himself throws a mix. After a couple of weeks of home-grown hard basslines, and when no one can stand it at home, he drives Houbasse into the local club of Great Cayk. Then, together with a few friends, he founded the Hustej Nazef crew, with whom he runs clubs across Central and Northern Bohemia. Meanwhile, he examines how dnb is actually being made and how he composes, and after a while he plunges himself into the mysteries of musical production, and after a few primes he arrives in February 2016 with his debut EP Public Control. Houbass tries to keep listening to the listener as a synonym for hard dnb, so do not wait for him to sing. The action on your hemisphere will be done quickly and painlessly.


    ★ ★ ★ Lifesize MC ★ ★ ★
    Drumbassterds.cz Crew \ Druid Records

    Professional Live MC/Vocalist for 10 years LifeSize MC performed live at festivals and nightclubs across Europe and the UK.

    Performing along side the likes of Danny Byrd, Nicky Black Market, Tobax, Donnovan ‘Badboy’ Smith to mention but a few LifeSize MC has developed a versatile and intricate MC style which sees him becoming a household name within the DnB Scene.

    His background is started within HipHop, learning to freestyle at a young age, LifeSize MC always brings new flavours and lyrical content to every stage, club or venue he performs on. Singing is also a passion of his, which sees him performing freestyle hiphop and vocals with his 2 live bands currently performing across the Czech Republic.

    It’s fair to say that LifeSize MC brings something a little different to the MC package being a true freestyle mc and vocalist with an unrelenting love for Drum and Bass. His ability to know when and when not to MC is a key styling for the Prague based MC from the UK not to mention the double time, super sonic fire he brings to the microphone.

    Having recently signed to Druid Records with musical releases in the pipeline, his career is moving forwards in leaps and bounds with knowing no limits.


    ★ ★ ★ Kapno ★ ★ ★
    ( Soundclash )

    Born in Timisoara, Romania starts from a culture of Blues and Rock followed by Rap. Here, he first hears electronic music, Breaks, Jungle and Drum and Bass at the local raves pioneered by the crews TMBase and AnonimTM.
    Years later moves to London, where influenced by the culture learns the craft of the genre, and for a few years plays at home parties with other fellow DJs, getting more and more involved in the movement.
    2014, Kapno moves back to his hometown, and starts a series of events named Soundclash, headlined by legends like Spirit, Total Science, Brockie and many more international or national DJs. Here he also starts a monthly radio show on legendary station DRUMS.RO Radio where you can still hear his favorite Jungle beats.


    ★ ★ ★ Synchro ★ ★ ★
    ( Freenetik kru )

    He started DJ`ing in 2011 with dubstep and drum’n’bass and in 2013 he decided to focus on Drum and Bass playing alongside Technimatic, Amoss, Palotai, The Upbeats, Suie Paparude and Diggin’ Radio a couple of times.
    His favourite genres are minimal drum’n’bass, neurofunk, jungle, jump-up.


    ★ ★ ★ Dj Razy ★ ★ ★
    (HARTY PARD TM\SubSound Kru)

    He is a young man born in the early 90s in Timisoara.
    Rized up whith music as Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Bomfunk MC’s, Gorillaz, flying steps etc.
    He started mixing in 2012 dubstep, trap, jungle and drum’n’bass, after he decide in 2013 to remain at drum’n’bass.
    In 2013 he participated in the first local DJ contest in Timisoara (Romania) TM:DJ CHALLENGE 2013.
    In 2014 he went to try his luck in London and arrived at the online radio station SOUNDR.co.uk.
    On a year later, in 2015, he returned to Romania and entered on the stage with CHRIS.SU and JAY ROME
    And soon came to be the organizer/manager in the stage at a local festival in Timsoara Electric Playground having on the stage artist’s as NUMA CREW, VOLUME PLUS, DUB FX, ragga TWINS, Deekline, Leeroy TRONHILL (EX Prodigy member), Serial Killaz, 6BLOCC, MARCUS NASTY, Counterstrike, MC COPPA, Rido, TAELINB, CONSCIENCE, FINAL cONFLICT, RMZ, MC responce.



    ★ ★ ★ ici.tm aka dj KuKy ★ ★ ★
    (Electric Playground\Playground Events\SubSound Kru)

    16 Years of playing all sorts of electronic music, head of Electric Playground and Playground Events, member of SubSound Kru.


    Location : Liceul Silvic Timisoara

    Access : 25 Lei <00:00> 30 Lei

    Because we like birthday celebration, all those born on between 22 and 28 of may have free entrance to the event (until 00:00)!
    And at this event we reserve the right to select the participants!
    The guests list is available until 00:00