Get ready to CELEBRATE! The journey of Deelow hits a MAGICAL moment: 15 years of musical activity and 30 years of life, and it all comes together in one night, made for YOU.

To mark this ONCE IN A LIFETIME MOMENT, the NEWEST and FRESHEST album BASSOLOGY will drop: a sonic bomb of Drum & Bass, Tek, DarkDanceHall, BassHause, Trap, and Trip Hop. But that’s not all!!!

The LINE-UP celebrates MUSIC so COME ON and THROWDOWN to the sounds of the DOPEST DJs and PRODUCERS: XHL Beni & Crunkie, djSE. Add some AMAZING VOCALS from the over-the-top talented LUNA, Mc44, McxWoodie and Dhanutz, and what you get is AN UNIQUE EXPERIENCE FUELLED BY HEAVY BASS.

BIRTHDAY BASH CONCOTION: You take THE BEST PARTY SPORT IN TOWN and you ADD +++ a crazy Hifi Soundsystem that keeps you on your feet, Video Mapping +++ Light & Fog show to induce some SURREAL VISUAL EFFECTS and, to be safe, add some FIRE SPITTERS & JUGGLERS (not to be confused with the MC’s, THEY SPIT FIRE TOO).

Artist Support : 20 lei